Each day, your practice or organization deals with the challenges of HIPAA regulations, but truly, this represents only a portion of the areas of concern regarding information security. 

In today’s landscape of network vulnerability to hackers, unauthorized internal users and identity and financial theft, understanding your exposure to information risks is more critical than ever. Avoiding breaches, monetary loss, penalties and even irreparable damage to your firm’s reputation can be a daunting mission. To help you succeed, we can identify the threats you face daily and assist in determining the best course of protective action.

With diverse knowledge and experience, our skilled staff partners with your team to develop a strong and practical security program that will meet your organizational goals. We also provide recommendations as to how to prioritize security action items.

Because external information risks are not the sole problem, VantagePoint’s threat detection and alerting system catches and helps protect against data breaches originating from inside your organization. You receive daily alerts and weekly summaries about any suspicious or anomalous activity that would otherwise go undetected. 

our services include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Controls Review
  • Threat Detection and Alerting

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