The Unknown-Unknowns of Credentialing, Privileging, and Enrollment

Are you a healthcare compliance, revenue cycle, or operations leader who would like to learn more about credentialing, enrollment and privileging? Consider joining VantagePoint HealthCare Advisors COO Susan Prior, CHC and Senior Consultant Regina Alexander, FACHE, CHC, HCS-H on June 20, 2018 for an Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) sponsored web conference. Sue and Regina will Review the basics of privileging, credentialing, and enrollment processes, including key regulatory and payer requirements. The conference content will also explore commonly overlooked ‘unknowns’ and identify strategies to mitigate compliance risks, financial impact, and barriers to care created by inefficient or siloed credentialing and enrollment processes. Compliance professionals will take away tips for asking the ‘right’ questions about the credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes within their own organization.